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City Tour

Take A Tour City Tours contact us and book the tour of your dreams The Huatulco City Tour is a tourist experience that allows you

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Coffee Tour

Take A Tour Coffee Tour contact us and book the tour of your dreams Pluma de Pluma Hidalgo coffee is known for its distinctive, smooth

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Eco Tour

Take A Tour Eco Tours contact us and book the tour of your dreams Huatulco has a wide variety of ecosystems, including tropical jungles, mangroves,

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Take A Tour contact us and book the tour of your dreams In Huatulco, a beautiful region located on the coast of the state of

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everything you need to know before arriving in spectacular Huatulco

Hello! Huatulco is a beautiful tourist destination located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Here you have everything you need to know before arriving in Huatulco:

  1. Location: Huatulco is located in the state of Oaxaca, in southern Mexico. It is located along the coast, approximately 227 kilometers southeast of the city of Oaxaca.
  2. Climate: Huatulco has a tropical climate, with warm temperatures throughout the year. The average temperature varies between 25°C and 35°C, with a rainy season from June to September.
  3. Beaches: Huatulco is famous for its beautiful beaches. Some of the most popular include Playa Santa Cruz, Playa La Entrega, Playa Chahué, and Playa Tangolunda. These beaches offer white sands, crystal clear waters and a wide variety of water activities.
  4. Diving and snorkeling: Huatulco is an excellent place to practice diving and snorkeling due to its rich marine life and coral reefs. You can explore the reefs and discover a wide variety of colorful marine species.
  5. Ecotourism: Huatulco has a large number of protected natural areas and ecological reserves. You can enjoy bird watching tours, kayaking through the mangroves, or explore the impressive biodiversity of the region.
  6. Bays: Huatulco has nine beautiful bays, each with its own personality. These bays are Bahía Santa Cruz, Bahía Chahué, Bahía Tangolunda, Bahía Conejos, Bahía Cacaluta, Bahía Maguey, Bahía Organo, Bahía San Agustín and Bahía Chachacual. Each one offers different activities and natural attractions.
  7. Gastronomy: The food in Huatulco is delicious and varied. You can enjoy traditional Oaxacan dishes, such as tamales, mole and tlayudas. Don’t forget to try the fresh seafood and delicious drinks like mezcal and Oaxacan chocolate.
  8. Local culture: Huatulco is also a place to immerse yourself in the local culture. You can visit the traditional markets, explore the nearby villages and learn about local crafts such as textiles and pottery.
  9. Transportation: The Bahías de Huatulco International Airport (HUX) offers air connections with several cities in Mexico and some international destinations. Once in Huatulco, you can easily get around by taxi, bus, or renting a car.
  10. Safety: As in any tourist destination, it is important to take basic safety precautions. Keep your belongings safe, avoid walking alone in desolate areas at night, and follow the recommendations of local authorities.

I hope this information is useful for you to enjoy your visit to Huatulco. That

Some cool tips you should know


Huatulco is for everyone. You can even find restaurants and markets


Visit Huatulco and learn about the international events that take place in Huatulco. It is an incredible experience.


Huatulco can offer more than just the well-known tourist spots. Explore the outskirts of Huatulco.


Get to know the tour inside Huatulco, viewpoints, town center, markets, etc.


be polite and patient. try to enjoy the people and the atmosphere of Huatulco.

Smile and enjoy Huatulco. take a long walk around and talk to people.

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